Links and sponsors

*** Any ROTR player that shows their league card at Mickey's will receive $5.00 pitchers of domestic beer!

*** Mickey's will also have a BIG grill on their patio for all league players to use for grilling out following ROTR games

*** Shakers Vodka is a top end Vodka that is made here in Minnesota. Shakers will provide the ROTR Leagues with samples for a ROTR Shakers night during each ROTR League. Details about these gatherings are pending per league. One thing is for certain... there will definitely be lots of vodka in the locker rooms on those nights!

*** Rumor has it that Shakers, Sauce Hockey and Trinity Hockey will be host to an annual summer ROTR League party in the cities. All registered league players will be invited and encouraged to attend. Festivities will include golf, a tour of the Shakers distillery and of course GREAT vodka

 The ROTR is very excited to be teamed up with Trinity Hockey. This company is also based in Minnesota and owned and operated by good, diehard, hockey people. Their motto is to provide a high quality hockey stick at a reasonable price. They also have a foundation similar to the RTOR Fitch/Dickman Sponsorship Foundation for Youth.

All players in the ROTR Leagues will receive 5 % discounts on Trinity Redemption hockey sticks. If we place an order of 10 sticks or more the ROTR League player discount will be $80 per stick. To receive the discount go to the Trinity website and when placing your order enter the ROTR Leagues code. If you need this code call one on the league administrators. These are GREAT sticks boys!

Ron's Place is a GREAT bar in the LaQuinta hotel. Just across the street from the Graham Arena. Ron's is a bar with a great atmosphere, good service, awesome food and the kitchen is open until Midnight plus they are open on Sunday's!

YES a perfect place for ole'men hockey players!!

To make it even better Ron's Place is a sponsor of the ROTR Leagues and all players (with proof of player card) receive $2.00 16oz mugs of domestic beer and/or 1/2 off appetizers


The Black Top Bar concept was founded by Tom Younghans (ex- North Star great). He is a huge 20+ year supporter of the ROTR Tournament and wants to be involved with the ROTR Leagues. Tom is a huge fan of ole'man hockey and the tailgating tradition that goes hand in hand with it... probably the real reason he likes the Robin. TAILGATING = the Black Top Bar. All ROTR League players receive 25% off Black Top apparel.. with ROTR league player card identification.

The Break Room Bar is another perfect ole'man hockey hang out. They have the NHL package, the grill is open late and they are also open on Sunday nights. The Break Room is close to the Rec Center and they are offering all ROTR League players (with proof of ROTR Player Card) a free pitcher of domestic beer (with 4 or more ROTR players), also buy 1 appetizer and get the second appetizer at 1/2 price and all ROTR League Player groups of 10 or more players (with player cards) will get a free domestic team tube beer (128 oz beer).

LT... where even losers are treated like winners!  Take25% off your order with a ROTR League player card!  


*** The ROTR Tournament will give a $50.00 discount to any ROTR League registered player that is a captian and puts a team into any ROTR Tournament (this discount can not be used in addtion to other ROTR discounts... i.e. early entry discounts)

*** Any ROTR registered players will recieve 25% off any ROTR apperal  in the month of July (player card need at time of transaction)

Yes we are friends with Shakers! (A high level vodka made in Minnesota).... so of course we had to hook up with a top notch vodka mix. Uncle Johns is made in Rochester (another local sponsor) and will be helping the ROTR Leagues with Vodka mixes at our league parties and get-to-gathers! Who knows we may even see Uncle John there!!


 Stay here... La Quinta is a HUGE supporter of the ROTR Tournament and Leagues. The service is great and Rons Place is in this hotel... please support one of our great backers!!


Other Favorite League Links

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Ole'man Hockey Classics

- This is a must see for any beer league hockey player.
- The Original Beer League Trailer (the wife clips) are so funny)

- Great Game Honey

- NHL Funniest Commercials


8 Guys On Every Beer League Team

It's a well-known fact that there are only two seasons  summer and
hockey season. According to long-standing tradition, the former starts with the
hoisting of the Stanley Cup as fans in an American city celebrate. The
latter officially kicks off after Labour Day weekend.

In fact, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of managers across Canada
who will spend the long weekend making personnel decisions in time for the
September dawn of a new season.

Granted, the majority of these managers are in charge of teams with names
like 'Just the Tips' and 'Nine-Inch Males,' but don't be fooled; beer-league
hockey squads can be downright tricky to put together.

As with any successful organization, you need the right mix, and that means
drafting from the following beer-league player categories:

The Ringer

Some teams wait until the playoffs to unveil this option. Others go with it
right from the opening faceoff.

Either way, without a ringer, your team is done. The challenge for managers
is convincing a good player to suit up for a bad side. This can be
accomplished a number of ways, including promises of goal-scoring glory and
awe-inspired teammates. Most effective, however, is free hockey. It's simple
math, really. Everyone else pays an extra $50 and everyone else gets a shot
at the Division-7 title.

The Young Guy

At first glance, he can easily be mistaken for a ringer, since the young guy
still wears the shorts and s ocks of his junior or college team. But it's
time for the next phase of life now, and that means an office job. The young
guy stays in shape for the first half of the year. Sadly, an increasingly
sedentary existence catches up by Christmas. Ten to 20 pounds later, he's
just another player, huffing and puffing with the rest. Welcome aboard, kid.

The Old Guy

Forget the 50-and-over league; that's not for him, even though his gloves
reach up to his armpits and he still uses a wood stick. To be fair, the old
guy can be an effective player, especially if he's a wily old guy -- a hook
here and a chop there, because that's how they did it when professional
athletes were real men. ' Eddie Shore -- now there was a hockey player! Lost
an ear against the Maroons. Sewed it back on himself. Never missed a shift.'

The Tardy Goalie

Hey, thanks for showing up . Only five minutes gone in the first. Not like
you play a crucial position or anything. Take your time.

The Beginner

Required only for cheap laughs. On the one hand, you have to admire the
beginner. It takes a lot of courage to take up hockey in adulthood. On the
other, learn to take a pass, man. It's right on your stick. How does that
knock you over? And now you're offside.

The Complete Psycho

Also good for a few giggles . . . from afar. The complete psycho is capable
of anything: running the goalie, challenging an entire bench, a tomahawk
chop -- all in the repertoire. Do not feed the complete psycho. He doesn't
want to be fed. He wants to hunt.

The Naked Guy

Bane of the dressing room. Most players have the courtesy to stretch their
hamstrings while sporting, at the very least, a bit of underwear. Not the
naked guy. He'll carry on full conversations, too, and you'll maintain eye
contact like your life depended on it.

The Guy with the New Girlfriend

A good way to lower everyone else's fees is to load up on a few of these.
The guy with the new girlfriend will show up to five games, tops, so it's
not like you'll lose ice time by putting him on the roster. That said,
beware that the guy with the new girlfriend might very well turn into the
guy with the wife, at which point he'll never miss another game.