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League name Details Day(s) Gender Sport Cost Season runs Register before
2012-13 Novice Winter League

no details

F,S co-ed hockey Individual: $130 10/06 - 03/10 2013 01/01/2013
2013 Spring/Summer

Payment for League must be made on first scheduled skate (Apr 13 unless other arrangements made) or check must be sent to and made out to:

Curt Arcand

2919 Lake Meadow Dr NW

Rochester, MN 55901

S co-ed hockey Individual: $120 04/13 - 10/02 2013 04/14/2013
2013-14 Advanced Winter League

no details

F,S co-ed hockey Individual: $135 10/26 - 03/22 2014 10/19/2013
2013-14 Novice Winter League

This season will have a four team league.  

Each player will be assigned to a team.  The games will still be pick up style as in the past so bring a white and black jersey.  On game days you can play with either team (black/white).  We will not be keeping score.  We will be rotating the schedule each week so you will get to play with other people.

F,S co-ed hockey Individual: $135 10/26 - 04/22 2014 10/19/2013